Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

Selecting the best Entertainment

It never ceases to amaze me how little real credit is offered to musicians and also the music they’ve created inside a world that might be Completely different without them indeed!

Are you able to imagine the possible lack of suspense in the finest thriller movie without some chilling music allowing the tension? How dull the climate could be inside a Saturday night town center bar without music! Many TV & radio adverts just wouldn’t work without music. Are you currently beginning to obtain my drift?

The fact is that without realizing it music is definitely an very important a part of most peoples’ lives and therefore must be given great consideration when selecting a band to have an important event just like a Wedding, corporate event, function or even the like. Getting some type of musical entertainment is nearly essential to ensure an excellent atmosphere, and important is which form!

Like a professional music performer myself, I’ve vast experience of various kinds of ensembles, from acoustic Jazz, folk & country though to electric blues, rock, funk and pop. Each one of these genres get their place and a few of the more obscure or specialist styles are the type a music performer will love probably the most. However, if selecting entertainment for any wedding, corporate event or party usually ‘music lover’ genres like blues, country, jazz etc. are totally the incorrect choice! “Why?”, you may ask.

Well a lot of the public aren’t what I’d call ‘music lovers’. Lots of people can’t hear an instrument solo on the record, they do not know exactly what a bass is and to be honest they do not care. They Are Doing, however, understand all the words to ‘Come on Eileen’ they’ll sing towards the top of their voices to ‘I Will Survive’ and can ecstatically ‘strut their stuff’ to ‘Car Wash’ and ‘Celebration’! Are you currently obtaining the picture? I have known bands with several of the best musicians within their field, some that are so famous and famous they’ve guitars named after them, be ‘paid off’ at weddings and requested to not play their last set simply because they were playing blues or even the like. Most likely the best music you’ll hear but non music enthusiasts only will never have it.

Therefore if music’s essential in an event, but great music within the ‘music lover’ sense may be the wrong choice, how do you look for a band that consists of professional highly trained musicians, yet plays out and out party area-filling classic pop tunes? Surely this can be a contradiction in terms of almost?! Well it isn’t – actually there are lots of bands doing exactly that in an very high end nowadays, usually comprised of a few of the UK’s top session musicians too! An example of this sort of band may be the function band ‘Boogie Express’. Boogie Express consists of only fully professional musicians who’ve performed on plenty of records, CD’s and so forth and also have all labored with a few of the greatest names in the industry! What bands such as this did would be to funnel all of their experience both in the background music business as well as in show business into creating an ‘ultimate’ party band experience.

There are lots of bands much like Boogie Express available, and when you do a google search and so on with terms like ‘function band’ you need to find a lot more.